How-to Boost Your Sports Betting Platform Using Social Media

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June 22,2018

How-to Boost Your Sports Betting Platform Using Social Media

By Oscar Holt
Right from the ancient days of the Roman gladiators, to the modern age of the NFL, soccer, sports and betting have gone hand in hand. Although the laws of the U.S.A. do not allow the direct advertising of betting sites, there are many ways one can use the internet to boost the promotion of their betting platform. Primarily it is to promote the content rather than the site itself, as this does not break any legal boundaries.

One of the major game-changers was the introduction of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In this article, we give some solid tips to use these social media websites to promote your betting platform.

  • Paid promotions: most social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram allows sponsored content. Basically, you pay a certain amount to the respective website and they do a peer group search and present your ad to the correct peer groups. Most people tend to ignore the use of paid promotions but promoting the right ads can get you a huge traffic to your betting website.

  • Secondary social media: websites such as Instagram and Pinterest have a huge number of users and it is important to not overlook these social media sites. Also, you get to use images to draw in the traffic which works better than simply using words.

  • Twitter and images: Twitter allows up to 4 images with every Tweet. So while using Twitter it is important to always have images attached to your tweets as this will take up more of the screen space and make your content hard to ignore.

  • Smartphones: with the coming of the smartphones a lot of users have taken to using these devices to check on their social media. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure your content is app friendly. Also, make sure that you don’t link any pages that will not work on smartphones.

  • Reddit: once again another social media platform that doesn’t get its due notice. Reddit is slowly becoming one of the most used sites to discover content. By using the right keywords you can make sure your content comes in the relevant topic sections of Reddit thereby boosting your traffic.

  • Vine: this is a very creative video platform that you can use to upload short videos promoting your content. (tutorials and how to sign up, etc.)

  • LinkedIn: setting up your presence on LinkedIn can help you get a ton of new traffic. LinkedIn serves to be a more serious version of the social media sites, so to get the right content here is the key towards getting traffic.

  • Social media integration: a lot of users use cross-posting and this must be used to your advantage. Make sure that your headlines are short and effective while holding the right keywords, and always leave small twitter-friendly facts or catchphrases.

The world of social media has been used to achieve a lot of success by many brands, and by using these tips in the right way your betting website, be it for soccer, cricket, basketball, etc. can get you a huge boost in traffic. In CapperTech we provide solution for sports tipping web development and as well as social media management feature.

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