How To Increase Your Soccer Betting Marketplace Revenue Using Targeted Advertising?

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June 25,2018

How To Increase Your Soccer Betting Marketplace Revenue Using Targeted Advertising?

By Oscar Holt
What Is Targeted Advertising?
Targeted advertising is targeting your ads to your best-suited audience. From data analysis, it is easy to gauge which niche audience belongs to a particular industry or product. An audience can be split by age, demographics, sex, race, education, level of income, or even through past patterns of purchase behavior.

Targeted Ads
The ads used should be delivered in the best medium suited to target that audience. And these ads should also be designed with the objective of delivering a message to the target audience. This message can be an offer, signup bonus, seasonal promotions, etc. which will usually elicit a call to action. Either the customer signs up or initiates purchases or visits the website or so on.

How To Increase Revenue?
Using targeted advertising, a soccer betting marketplace can increase its revenue since targeted advertising enables an ad to be shown to its intended target audience. Thus, people who are interested in betting or making a bet, or people with similar interests can be targeted using these advertisements. This will result in a better conversion rate for that audience as compared to using non-targeted advertising.

Types of Targeted Advertising To Use
  1. Search Engine Targeting - Using search engine marketing, a soccer betting marketplace can target advertisements to customers that have already visited your website, through search history or if they have searched or attempted to buy a similar product or service (example: searching for betting online or tipsters). The quality of an advertisement is determined by the ad’s click through rate (CTR), the landing page, the search volume for that ad, the geographic relevance of that ad and the best device used to promote these ads.
  2. Social Media Targeting - Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. use geo targeting, behavioral targeting, etc. along with a person’s personal preferences provided on these social platforms. Facebook Ad Manager will be an essential tool to use to target your ads to active bettors online.
  3. Television and Mobile Targeting - Soccer betting marketplaces can use targeted television ads to get their message across to the consumer. Television ads are usually expensive and are only possible if you operate on a large-scale or with high profitability. Mobile ad targeting has been prevalent since the advent of the smartphone. Mobile ads are cheaper and more targeted at the end consumer when compared to tv ads.
  4. Retargeting - Retargeted advertisements are ads developed to follow up with a potential customer that has already purchased or browsed through bet on your site or a competitor's site. Retargeting is very effective with soccer marketplace betting if done properly.

Targeted advertising is a time consuming and costly process. At CapperTech, we already have a decade’s worth of data with respect to targeted traffic, advertisements, audiences and tools that will enable you to select the best audience for your ads.

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