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June 30,2018

Who is the best soccer tipster?

By Jake Woodward
Many people are turning towards soccer tipsters as they search to increase their profits when betting. Some people turn to soccer tipsters for help because they do not have the time to pick their selections, some might have a busy life, while others use these tipsters to add to their bets, to place more soccer bets.

Whichever way you use soccer tipsters, you want to find the best one that you possibly can. Look for someone who can give you a profit, either as your main betting or in addition to your bets to provide you with even more profit from your gambling.

When you are looking for a soccer tipster, the first thing to look at is their record. It is imperative that this record is verified by someone independent and someone you can trust, so then you know the facts and figures you are reading about are legitimate.

Protipsters by Cappertech is an excellent tips marketplace, and they have many very good soccer tipsters, all with verified and genuine results, so you know what you are getting is legitimate.
One tipster that has been having a fantastic run recently is Filip Horak, who can be found on Protipsters by Cappertech. He is currently showing a significant profit in November, with figures of +98pts, and a 100% tip record.

These results are all independently verified by the site, and you can trust them if you are looking at buying soccer tips off Filip. His strike rate, overall profit, and his ROI are all very impressive, and he is indeed one to note when you are looking for someone to follow.

If you are looking for a tipster that puts up a lot of bets regularly, then take a look at Christian Parrott as well on the Protipsters by Cappertech.

He looks to offer the ideal service for those who just do not have time to research and select their bets, and he covers many different leagues for you on a regular basis.

He has a profit of +22 points so far, and he is another who is worth keeping an eye on. His independently verified tips are looking right over the past few weeks, and he seems to be the ideal soccer tipster for someone who doesn’t have the time or someone who wants to add bets to their selections.

Using a soccer tipster is something a lot of people are doing, and if you want to follow suit, then you must remember to follow the golden rule of using someone with verified results. This is vital, to avoid the fake tipsters out there, so look out for who is performing well on an authenticated tipping site like Protipsters by Cappertech.

If you do this, then you will find a great tipster who is going to add value to your betting and profit to your bank. Soccer tipsters are a great idea and something that many people are turning to; you can join them and get your soccer tipster to add more profit to your betting.
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