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July 31,2018

The Oldest Clubs in The World

By Jake Woodward

Some of the oldest clubs in professional world club football can be traced back to 1857, over 160 years in existence. Some of these clubs started with a single stand that seated under 500 fans and have since grown to become clubs with great history, heritage and fan-following. The list of the oldest clubs in the world includes Sheffield FC, Cambridge University, Lima CFC, Cray Wanderers, Hallam FC, Notts County and Stoke City.

Oldest Clubs: Chronologically

The list of oldest cubs in the world include:

  1. Sheffield FC is the joint-oldest club along with Cambridge University founded in 1857. Sheffield FC plays in the 8th tier of English football.
  2. Cambridge University football club was founded in 1857. It holds the joint record for being the oldest club in the world.
  3. Lima CFC was founded in the year 1859. Lima Cricket and Football Club play in the capital city of Peru.
  4. Cray Wanderers was founded in the year 1860. Cray Wanderers still ply their trade playing association football in London.
  5. Hallam FC was also founded in the year 1860. The club was short-lived and later dissolved in the year 1885.
  6. Notts County was founded in the year 1862. Among all the association clubs that have turned professional, Notts County is the oldest. Notts County is also a founding member of the FA (1863).
  7. Stoke City was founded in the year 1863. Stoke rebranded twice and was later renamed Stoke City FC in 1929. Stoke City currently play football in the Premier League.


Fans from around the world support clubs with rich history and that includes Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, etc. Although these clubs are old, they aren’t as old as the clubs on the list, Stoke City being the most recognizable club in the 21st century.

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