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August 01,2018

Football Marketing 101 – White Label Solutions

By Jake Woodward
In the 21st century online world of sports, football websites have become the center of a lot of attention. These websites provide a variety of features such as betting options, fantasy football leagues, and of course, scores of the latest matches. Almost all fans of the sport participate in the various features of these websites and also use them to keep a tab of the most recent scores. If you are looking to open such a site but you need every part of it readymade, no need to worry, because all the elements of it are available as white label options. The use of such opportunities allows one to concentrate on the marketing side of things. Let us take a look at a few of them.

White Label Websites
A white label website is one which is created by a third party and can be used after rebranding as per your needs. So you can hire a third party to create a website for you and even maintain it if necessary. White label website creators are available in plenty, and their services can be afforded easily. Once you have a readymade football website in your hand, you can start looking for white label options for its various parts.

White Label Fantasy Football
One of the most revenue generating part of a football website is the fantasy football league. If you are not familiar with the concept, it is an online sports tournament where you get to build your team, and the stats are affected as per the players’ performance in the real world. These fantasy leagues can be availed as white label options which you can rebrand and use on your website. The product you receive is a completely functional fantasy football league widget on your website that is usable by millions and is connected to the real-life sports results.

White Label Sports Betting and Casino
Betting works both on fantasy leagues as well as real-life matches, and this is one of the most growing revenue building sectors online. A completely working betting system which is connected to live match results along with a constantly working casino operator can be hired as a white label solution. In this way, you can ensure that your website operates revenue flawlessly while concentrating on the marketing factors yourself.

White Label Design Professionals
There are a lot of fully functional football websites, so how does yours stand out? This is where the job of a good designer comes in. There are some white label designers available who will provide you with a ready-to-use design for your website that you can rebrand and use on your website. So now you not only have a fully functional website but also one that is going to draw a lot of traffic to it.

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