What Is The Advantage Of Using A Fully Managed Betting Tips Marketplace?

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August 10,2018

What Is The Advantage Of Using A Fully Managed Betting Tips Marketplace?

By Oscar Holt

A fully managed betting tips marketplace is a marketplace to recruit professional tipsters who sell their tips on the marketplace. Only after a tip is purchased, do you make a commission payment to the tipster for the sale that is made. A managed betting tips marketplace can be personalized and customized to incorporate a brand and/or logo to best suit your purpose.

The Advantages Of A Betting Tips Marketplace

Some of the advantages of using a fully managed white label betting tips marketplace are:

  • Cost saving - as mentioned earlier, you only pay a commission to a tipster when a bet is purchased or sold. So you pay only when you earn. So apart from being an additional feature, a betting tips marketplace actually enables you to save costs while still promoting the business or website.

  • Additional Income - having a betting tips marketplace enables you to earn additional income from the sale of betting tips. This income would otherwise not be earned if you didn’t have a fully managed betting tips marketplace. Additionally, tipsters must pay registration fees every month which will serve as a form of fixed income/revenue for your site.

  • Easy Tipster Registration - A tipster can register on the marketplace easily and recruitment of tipsters is seamless as well. A tipster can register as a junior tipster (free to join and zero cost), senior tipster ($50/month registration fee and 20% commission on sales), professional tipster (by invitation only and 50% commission on sales) or a bundle tipster ($75/month registration fee and 25% commission on sales).

  • Automatic Payouts - A fully managed betting tips marketplace employs an automatic payment system to make and receive payments. Automation makes the entire process of collection and disbursement on time and streamlined. All the results and past data of tipsters performances and tips are updated on the tipster’s profile after a game has ended.

  • Customizations - with a fully responsive web API, you can build your webpages using javascript and HTML. You can customize your UI/UX as per your requirement to give optimal performance, experience, design and functionality. You can design your betting tips marketplace to highlight certain features and promote tipsters.

  • Management systems - You can also use a content management system and/or an advertising/promotion management system to manage your website and marketplace across various global markets. Different pages for different regions along with different promotions based on the demographic will ensure that you cater to all customers from different countries.

  • Other Benefits - you also have access to additional modules that you can use to extend bonus features to your customers. Some of these modules and features include live scores, live odds, on-site advertiser management, free customer support, real-time odds, news modules, etc.

Does Your Site Need A Managed Betting Tips Marketplace?
Please note that most managed betting tips marketplaces don’t offer all the listed advantages as stated in the article. CapperTech offers a fully managed betting tips marketplace so that you can manage your tipsters, promotions, content, etc. at the lowest cost possible. Contact us to know more about how to integrate a fully managed betting tips marketplace into your site.
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