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August 16,2018

Marketing Tools To Help You Run Your Sports Betting Site

By Jake Woodward

Marketing tools definitely help a company, website or business be organized, targeted and streamlined in terms of operations and execution. The buzz in 2018 has been all around white label marketing. So let’s take a look at some white label marketing tools you can use to help you run your sports betting site.

Marketing Tools
Here is a list of marketing tools that you could select depending what you want and what you need to run your sports betting site. The white label marketing tools you can use include:

Sports Tipping Marketplace - A sports tipping marketplace will enable you to recruit your own group of tipsters and list them in the marketplace. You make revenue for every tip sold and you only pay a commission on a sale to the tipster. So you pay only when you earn revenue. You can also collect revenue from your tipsters in the form of registration fees each month. The sports tipping marketplace is enabled with an automatic payout system, content management systems, response front-end, tailored offerings, promotion management systems, news and live scores modules, other customized modules, etc.

Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is getting someone to sell something for you, i.e. through an affiliate. For every sale an affiliate makes, the affiliate is paid a commission on that sale. So you don’t incur any costs if you don’t make sales. The Affiliate Pro service enables you to track clicks, ign ups, make payouts, building reports, data analysis, commissions, etc. You can also customize your Affiliate Pro to make payouts on a particular date, track Facebook, Gmail, Google, email, etc. to see where you get your affiliates from and a lot more. Moreover, you don’t pay unless a sale is made, unlike PPC marketing where you must pay for a click, whether it leads to a sale or not.

Pro Tipsters - As explained above, a tipster can sell their tips on a marketplace for a commission. So a tipster is an expert on a particular League, Country or team/teams. They have inside knowledge on bets and players, managers decisions and past trends. A tipster can sign up to make some extra income on the side through commissions on bets and tips. This is perfect for an individual with limited time or who wants to pursue it full time because one can sign up as a junior tipster, senior tipster, premium tipster and bundle tipster.

Content and Social Media - Content and social media will help you build a brand reputation and critical market influence. Social media helps with getting traffic (inorganic and organic) and making sales online. Content also helps create a fanbase that could be a potential customer pool.

CapperTech offers several marketing tools from sports tipping marketplace to Affiliate Pro. These tools can be customized to your needs and specifications. To see how you can use these tools to your benefit, you can contact a representative or write to us.

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