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August 27,2018

Sports Betting Solutions Available In 2018

By Oscar Holt
What Are Sports Betting Solutions?
Sports betting solutions are software that make running a sports betting website easier and streamlined. As technology evolves, so does the software evolve to keep pace with systems and devices. Sports betting solutions include sports tipping marketplace, affiliate programs, tipsters marketplace, content management systems, promotion management systems, news modules, etc.

List Of Sports Betting Solutions

Sports Tipping marketplace
A white label sports tipping marketplace is a marketplace for recruiting tipsters. This can be used to also register new tipsters, make automatic payouts, collect registrations, etc. A marketplace owner (you) can make a steady income from monthly registrations from tipsters and a payment is made only on a commission basis, when a tipster’s tips are purchased.

● Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs enable you to track signups, registrations and clicks. You can also make commission payments to your affiliates through Affiliate Pro. Affiliate Pro works differently from the usual PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. In the former, you only pay for converted sales, i.e. after a purchase is made. In the latter, you pay for a click irrespective if it results in a conversion. Affiliate Pro will save you money and give you genuine conversions for what you pay.

● Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems or CMS enables you to customize and preset content for different target markets across the globe. This means that you can target different markets and demographics with customized content for your marketplace and website. Betting modules can be specifically tailored to suit a website or target audience.

● Promotion Management Systems
Promotions are essential in attracting new customers, retaining old customers and making sales. A promotion management system seamlessly and efficiently integrates promotions into your marketing strategy. Our PMS comes with several preset promotions, descriptions, banners, etc. that you can use in your marketplace. This preloaded content is up-to-date with trends, search volumes, popularity, based on feedback, etc.

● News Modules
News modules can be integrated into your betting marketplace if you want to give your users the added features that come with the news module. You get sports news every day from 10-15 websites from across the globe. Some of these sites include ESPN, SkySports, Marca, Goal, etc. You also get real-time live scores, live odds, head-to-heads, line ups, etc.

● Mobile App
It is essential that you provide your customers with an application-based facility (app) as an alternative to just only a website. 98% of sports betting websites don’t have an app, so you already have a competitive advantage in offering an app. A website can join as a white label partner to use our mobile app solution.

Do You Need Sports Betting Solutions?
A site may need a few or several solutions from the list of programs and systems available. It is essential that you analyze what you need and select the ones that best fit your requirements. The best part is that most systems can be modified and customized to suit your preferences and website. Contact CapperTech and we will tell you how easy it is to integrate our sports betting solutions into your site.
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