How To Use Promotions To Increase Betting Sales?

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September 04,2018

How To Use Promotions To Increase Betting Sales?

By Oscar Holt
What are Soccer Promotions?
Soccer promotions are offers, discounts, rewards, bonuses, etc. or any incentive that enables a person to bet, to acquire a new bettor or retain an existing customer. Soccer promotions can be used for multiple purposes such as promoting new features, seasonal sales, increase in web visitors, additional discounts, etc. So if you’ve ever wondered how to use promotions to increase betting sales, the rest of this article will break that down for you.

How Can You Use Promotions To Increase Betting Sales?
Promotions can be used to recruit new customers, make registrations as well as retain old customers. In most cases, bettors shift from hand-based betting to internet-based betting after viewing sports betting promotions or advertisements. You can use promotions in the following ways:
  • Recruitment is recruiting new bettors and gamblers. Recruitment promotions include SEO ads, affiliate marketing, website banners, website and mobile pop-ups, tv ads, sponsorship, etc.

  • Registration is getting someone to register by providing registration promos and offers. Registration promotions include bonuses, welcome offers, free bets, giveaways, etc.

  • Retrenchment is retaining an existing bettor or gambler. Retrenchment promotions include bonus programs, signup programs, random draws, referral bonuses and discounts, loyalty programs and reward systems for deposits, holidays, happy hours, etc.

Types of Promotion

  1. Social Media - Social Media promotion is what drives businesses today. Using the right designs, target audience, promotions, banners, demography, etc. you can target your promotions to potential customers that will result in a conversion. The essential thing will be to get your cost per customer acquisition as low as possible. Check out CapperTech Social Suite Software

  2. Bulk Emails/Sms - Sending out bulk emails and SMS are still a norm when it comes to promoting betting (sports or otherwise). A Click through rate of even 1-5% will result in customer conversion. Emails and SMS are usually used as a form of retrenchment to retain an existing customer or make them aware of a current promotion or scheme. Check out CapperTech Bulksms & Bulkemail software

  3. Promotion Management Systems - promotion management systems can help manage your promotions efficiently and continuously. Such a system is preset with over 100 different ready-to-implement promotions along with banners and descriptions. Promotional management systems can also be preloaded with promotional material and content based on market research and betting trends. Check out CapperTech white-label solution with promotion management system
  4. Affiliate Programs - affiliate programs enable you to add, manage, pay, etc. your affiliates when they make a sale or close a customer on your behalf. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective type of promotion where you pay an affiliate a commission after they make a sale. You only pay when money comes in from your affiliates. Affiliate marketing also helps improve SEO ranking on search engines. Check out CapperTech AffiliatePro software

  5. Content, forums and Blogs - Promotions through content in blogs, articles, publications, forums etc. can all help boost betting sales. Content helps any website gain traffic either through SEO, backlinks or social links. It is always preferable to start building your content strategy from the ground up because content will drive sales and profitability in the long-run.
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