Will VAR impact football betting in 2018?

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October 09,2018

Will VAR impact football betting in 2018?

By Jake Woodward

Although it is debatable whether fans like or dislike VAR because there are arguments on both sides of the topic. We are seeing the use of VAR more widely adopted across several competitions in leagues around the world. Now that FIFA has confirmed the use of VAR, it’s only a matter of time before it’s completely adopted in football. VAR will be used at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Will VAR Impact Football Betting?

So VAR will only impact football betting if betting operators have betting outcomes and odds on VAR decisions. But just as VAR causes the flow of a game to pause, the same may happen whilst betting and during in-play bets. This will obviously affect user experience irrespective of the platform or website they are using.

VAR could basically open a new segment of betting that can be used in betting markets. This will be a new segment for operators and bettors as well. Let’s not forget for tipsters too, if they do decide to adopt it. Some of the examples of how VAR can be used for betting are time-frame of first use of VAR, the total uses of VAR in a half/game and in the future, VAR in-play decisions. VAR in-play decisions will have an entirely different market as any decision that goes to VAR will be dependant on the type of decision being reviewed. This could be a goal, offside, card issued, etc.

VAR and Football

VAR has already been adopted in Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga. England has been using it for the FA and Carabao Cup as well. VAR can be interpreted, adopted and used differently. This can be seen in different leagues that have experimented or introduced VAR.

In the Bundesliga, critics have raised the question of the over-reliability on VAR by referees. The referees check almost every important decision which they could easily make themselves considering they’re professional FIFA referees. This ultimately causes the flow of the game to be affected and the pace as well.

VAR and Referees

As we come to see VAR completely implemented in football, it is important to note that not all decisions are referred to VAR and it is up to the referee in-charge of the game that makes the call. That call happens only if none of the referees on the pitch can accurately ascertain an incident on the field of play.

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