How Do Footballers Make Money? Click To Find Out If You Can Make Money Too

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October 10,2018

How Do Footballers Make Money? Click To Find Out If You Can Make Money Too

By Jake Woodward
Footballers make money mainly through football in terms of wages or salaries given to them by the club. Apart from salaries, players can also get paid through sponsors, social media, branding and advertising, etc. There are several players who don’t play in the top league and most of them work and play at the same time. When I say work, I mean plumbing, janitorial, electrical, sales, teaching, etc. Sometimes, just playing football isn’t enough to put bread on the table.

How Do Footballers Make Money?

  1. Wages - Footballers agree contracts with the club they play for a stipulated period of time. This is how most top footballers make their income, while others may have part-time jobs to support their household.

  2. Bonuses and Winnings - Bonuses and winnings are given to players for good performances in competitions and games as well as for winning cups and the League. These make up only a part of a players total income and are performance-based incentives.

  3. Sponsors - Sponsors such as Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, etc. pay individual players to endorse the brand for a particular period of time or for a campaign. These sponsorships can also make up a huge portion of income for top players or team stars. Players in the lower leagues get a lower-tier of sponsors. 

  4. Social Media - Players leverage their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. to endorse goods or services. Even personal brands and Tv shows can use footballers to promote their content. Much like what Paul Pogba is doing at the moment.

  5. Other Jobs - As mentioned earlier, several players have multiple jobs to facilitate their livelihood. Most footballers across the globe have multiple careers and football serves as a competitive recreational sport.

How Can You Make Money Of Football? - Tipsters

If you feel that you know a lot about football, tactically or otherwise, then you could make some money on the side by giving out football tips and betting tips. This doesn't require you to have the ability to play football because honestly, most of us can barely kick a ball, let alone go pro. But most of us feel we could call plays, play manager or predict the outcomes of games. If you have the knack, the becoming a tipster is for you.

You can join in as a Junior tipster and move up the ranks to become a senior tipster, bundle tipster and then a premium tipster. You earn a commission based on the number of tips you sell

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