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October 29,2018

Different White Label Solutions available for your website

By Jake Woodward
A white label solution refers to a product or a service which is absolutely ready-made and can be sold after rebranding. In today’s world, it is tough for a single entity to produce a product or a service and market it at the same time. Hence the need for white label solutions. No matter what service or product you are looking to market, there is always a white label solution available for you. Let us take a look at some of them.

White Label Digital Advertising
This sort of service includes advertising platforms, reports, campaigns, etc. which can be rebranded as per your need. Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important resources to be offered to the client, as it can generate a huge amount of traffic towards the business. If you have a business and would like to include digital advertising as part of your business deal, you can partner with a white label brand that will not only design your digital advertising campaigns but also maintain them for future clients.

White Label Social Media Marketing
Presence on the various social media platforms is a must for all business owners, and along with it there is also need for a constant flow of content. There are many white brand options available that will provide readymade content and will also manage the posting on the various platforms. These services can be totally rebranded as per your business terms and then provided to the client. With the right use of social media, a huge number of consumers can be channeled towards your business brand, and most social media platforms also provide options for paid marketing.

White Label Apps
As the name suggests, these are apps built by a brand which is completely rebrandable upon selling. So basically if your business needs to provide the client with a personalized android or iOS app, it can be availed from a white label brand that will make it as per your specifications. You can then sell it to your client with your brand name on it. While not until a few years back, the presence of a website was considered to be enough; it is no more sufficient without the presence of an app.

White Label Websites
Almost all business houses provide a website as per their marketing deal. This can include a design for the website or some add-ons to an existing website or a completely functional website. All of them are available from white label brands that will provide you with a completely brandable website.

White Label Graphic Design
Most people are happy with an in-house designer getting all the work done, however, if you are one of those who needs to ensure that every last bit of the design is professional, then you can hire graphic design contractors who also provide you with the white label designing solutions. That way, you get a re-brandable top of the class designs at an affordable price.

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