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November 22,2018

Can My Interest In Football Make Me Money?

By Jake Woodward
Several football fans across the globe have invested a lot of time and resources into football over the years. From making wagers to playing and watching the sport. Football is the number one sport in several countries across the globe. Many may not have realized that they can, in fact, earn legitimate income through football.

So How Can You Make Money Through Football?
Anyone that wants to run their own business can be an entrepreneur and make money on the side, or full-time. The answer is pretty simple. You can start a website, become a tipster, use affiliate marketing, make demonstration videos or just make a bet.

There a few things you can do to make money through football. These are:

  1. Start a website - You can start your own website if you have the time and resources at your disposal. It’s not very hard to start a basic website on football with a blog and so on. A sports-based or football-based website will be easy to start, but difficult to maintain. For that specific purpose, you can subscribe to several white label solutions dedicated to automating sports betting websites.

  2. Become a tipster - You can also give out professional betting tips and inside game information for other bettors to take advantage of. You earn an income based on a commission of the sales you make as a tipster. Becoming a tipster also enables you to be independent and operate as an entrepreneur.

  3. Become an affiliate - Affiliate marketing has been booming since the .com revolution. Companies pay affiliates to sell a product or service on their behalf, again, for a commission on sales.

  4. Betting - If you think you can play the odds, manage the spread and have a knack for predicting bets, then you can make some serious money betting on games. It’s important to remember that not everyone gets rich. Those who know how to calculate the spreads on a bet, see trends and do data analysis have a superior advantage when it comes to betting.

  5. Demonstration videos -  Demo videos on youtube, Instagram, etc. are also very popular. Influencers and promoters use social media to promote themselves, a program, training, bets, etc. Once you have a dedicated fan-base, then you can start promoting other content, even affiliate content as well. It’s another way of making income on the side. (See F2 Freestylers).

How And Where To Start?
If you decide you may want to explore one of these routes to make money, then you can find more information on our website. If you decide to start a website, then you could use our sports tipping marketplace to automate betting on your site.
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