How Do I Get Sports Betting Traffic To My Website?

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November 24,2018

How Do I Get Sports Betting Traffic To My Website?

By Jake Woodward

Website traffic is critical for any sports, news or media site to run. Not all websites require a high volume of traffic, but a sports betting website does require high-quality traffic for that to convert into genuine sales.

A site that requires sales to be made needs website traffic. Only a percent of that website traffic will convert to actual sales. This marginal percentage could come from affiliates, from social media, promotions, etc. It’s essential to track where you get your traffic from and the demographics of that audience.

Organic vs Inorganic Traffic
Website traffic can be classified into two broad categories. Traffic from organic promotions and inorganic promotions. Organic is what it means, uploading content and posting it on various social media. The fans then engage with the content by themselves. Inorganic promotions include the same as listed above, except you pay to show that content as an ad on social media or online.

One is you pay for inorganic traffic, whereas you don’t pay for organic traffic. The best solution is to use a mixed version of paid and organic marketing to boost your numbers without burning a hole in your pocket. Google Analytics is a good tool to track your traffic sources and what posts are doing well, etc.

Targeted Promotions
Targeted paid promotions can be very effective if done right. It’s basically filtering your audience to better suit your advertisements. Sports betting traffic is characterized by a definitive age group, income level, location, etc. You can target your promotions to ensure that your conversion rate is higher. You can also get targeted audience (betting traffic) from existing databases, emails, phone numbers and try converting such users.

Social Media Traffic
Posting content in the form of images, text, blogs, and other content on social media will drive sports betting traffic. Make sure these posts are posted in the niche categories it belongs to such as tipsters, sports betting, betting tips, etc. Social media includes anything social online like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Hackernews, etc. You can drive sports betting traffic to your website by posting your site efficiently and regularly on these sites.

Blog Continuously
Blogging and having a blog helps you to rank better on Search Engines. This means that when someone searches for you or a service online, you will rank higher, like the first page of Google. Search engines crawl through websites regularly to update new content. The more you update your content or add new articles every day, the higher you will rank on SEO.

Blogging also lets you backlink to other sites and vice-versa. That means you can get sports betting traffic from genuine advertisers, publishers or affiliates. The way this works is you pay only after a sale is converted and you don’t pay for just a click. Affiliate marketing works on a commission basis.

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