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November 25,2018

How To Engage Your Fans On Social Media

By Jake Woodward

When operating online, it’s essential to crack your social media strategy and execution. Engaging with fans on social media helps convert a person from a fan to an actual customer. Effectively, social media engagement leads to customer conversion and the amount spent on social media engagement should result in a lower cost of customer acquisition.

Which Platform To Choose?
Again, to engage fans on social media, it needs to be done effectively and targeted to your audience. First, select which social media platforms are most of your fans on. This could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Soundcloud, Google+, Youtube, etc. You should select social media platforms or the best combination of them to efficiently interact with your fans. If you select all platforms, then you may not be able to target all your audiences efficiently across all platforms. You must select the best few that work for you through trial and error.

Who Is Your Target Audience?
After selecting your platform, the next step will be to study your audience and potential market to identify your target audience. Which majority segment of the market is most interested in your service or offering. This can be segmented by geography (Country, city or location), sex or gender, age, linguistics, income, family size, etc.

For example, with betting websites, the target audience is generally 21-39, male, medium to high-income and from Countries like UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. You can check your target audience using Google Analytics, Alexa, Similarweb, etc. and better understand significant date to help with decision-making.

What Form Of Media To Use?
More often than not, it’s offers, discounts and bonuses showcased in minimalistic images that do the trick. The whole purpose of media is to elicit a call to action. That could be a click, a website visit, a page like, a comment, a purchase, etc. The better the image is designed for the audience, it will result in more clicks at a lower cost-per-click. Images work very well on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit and Twitter. You can also use paid promotions to boost your engagement.

Hire A Social Media Specialist vs In-House?
It is essential to consider if you should hire a social media specialist, outsource or do everything in-house yourself. Depending on how critical social media is to your company, you can select your social media strategy which would result in the most engagement at the lowest cost.

Hiring someone includes giving benefits, wages, etc. and only works if social media engagement is required every day. Doing it in-house works if your social engagement is minimal because you may not have the time or resources to effectively handle it all. Outsourcing works best and is best used on a need-based requirement.

Cappertech is dedicated to giving you a customized social media package and automated software for your engagement requirements. To know more about our social media plans, content packages and more, contact us.

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