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December 18,2018

White Label Tools For Soccer Betting (Outsourcing)

By Jake Woodward
White label tools are tools and software that other websites can use, market and sell under their own brand name. It is literally outsourcing solutions so that you don’t have to develop the software yourself, nor do you have to buy it permanently. It’s more like lease, use and that’s it. In 2018, it’s necessary to understand what your website needs to keep up with competition, drive in clicks and revenue.

Soccer betting websites or websites that use, manage or promote betting can use white label software to give their customers a better service offering. At the same time, you can also use these tools to generate revenue for your business or website.

White Label Tools For Soccer Betting
Some of the tools used by successful websites include:

  1. Sports tipping marketplace - A fully managed sports betting and tipping marketplace enables you to add a marketplace to your site. This marketplace can be used to drive revenue and sales as well as manage your site. Marketing tools enable you to make promotions and manage content on your website. You also get the latest sports content to drive traffic to your website paired with promotions, campaigns, offers, promos, etc. Some of the features of a sports tipping marketplace include soccer news modules, data feed solutions, live odds and scores, soccer statistics, promotion management system, content management system, mobile app, advertiser management and 24*7 customer support.

  2. Pro Tipster - If you know how the tipping business works or want to know how it works and how you can make money, then you can use pro tipster. Pro tipster works as a service where you can list tipsters on your betting marketplace. You don’t have to start from scratch, instead you can just hire the tipsters you feel are required, and tipsters are paid a commission only after a sale is made. So you don’t incur a loss. On the contrary, you make a profit for just having a pro tipster option because tipsters pay you monthly registration fees and also, a portion of the sales they make on your marketplace.

  3. Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software program that enables you to hire affiliates, make payments and automate your affiliate marketing strategy. Through affiliate marketing, your affiliates become your marketing and sales personnel. This increases a website’s reach and revenue. You can track clicks, signups, sales made, reports and payouts to affiliates using affiliate pro. Affiliate marketing requires you to make a payment only after a sale is completed. So you don’t incur costs on marketing unless that has led to a genuine conversion or sale. You pay your affiliate a commission for those sales which you would have otherwise not earned.

How To Get White Label Tools?
It’s rather easy to get the tools you’re looking for. You can even set up a consultation with us to see what tools and software work best for you. Based on your requirements and resources, we can guide you to making your business/website successful. For more information, contact CapperTech.
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