What Are White Label Management Solutions? Can You Use Them?

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December 21,2018

What Are White Label Management Solutions? Can You Use Them?

By Jake Woodward

White Label Management Solutions
White label means a product or service developed by one company and is licensed for royalty to another company or multiple companies to take advantage of. In this case, white label management solutions are management software developed by Cappertech to enable websites to automate most of their services and processes.

White Label solutions can also be called outsourced management solutions because what is white label if not outsourcing. That’s the next best alternative to buying the software or developing it in-house. White label management systems include automatic payout systems, content management systems, promotion management systems and additional modules for your website.

Advantages of White Label Solutions
When you outsource technology such as white label management solutions, you gain several advantages when compared to not having such technology or having to develop it in-house. Some of the advantages of white label solutions are:

More cost-effective than developing in-house
You don’t have to invest in the technology or infrastructure that has already been developed, tried and tested. As stated earlier, it is also more cost-effective to use a white label solution as compared to buying the software outright or developing it yourself. Also, if you decide to discontinue, you can terminate your subscription instead of trying to resell the software or licensing rights.

Additional functionality
You can add additional functionality to your website by using white label solutions. Modules or features which otherwise you wouldn’t have to provide your web visitors. Additional functionality means more features and choices for your customers to choose from and operate with. These additional software seamlessly integrate with your business and can be customized as per your requirements.

Maintenance and software updates
When you develop software, you must continuously work on software updates, fixing bugs and rolling out upgrades. Not to mention, maintenance is also expensive and requires a trained professional/professionals. When you outsource the same tech, you know that the cost incurred on maintenance and updates will be lesser than doing it yourself. Not to mention, it’s an additional thing that an entrepreneur has to worry about instead of focusing his or her resources on what’s required.

Immediate access and implementation
When you opt for white label solutions, you get immediate access and you can implement it immediately. This ensures that your workflow and timelines aren’t compromised when using outsourced tech. When you develop tech in-house, that will set you back on time and resources, sometimes by months till you sort out all the glitches.

Can You Use White Label Solutions For Your Website?
If you have a sports website or a betting website, you can use white label management solutions and promotion management systems to manage your website and social promotions. You can also use these software to handle your affiliates and make timely payouts to affiliate marketers. Quality content, featured promotions and a tailored offering is what you will get when you sign up with Cappertech.

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