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January 01,2019

Does Your Sports Betting Website Need Additional Functionality? See What's In Store For You!

By Jake Woodward
Sports Betting Websites
In the current age of online betting, sports betting websites must provide their customers with all facilities, functions and features on the site to retain those customers. If you own a betting site, a sports site, or heck, you’re just looking for ways to monetize your site, then this article is for you. All of the points may not apply, so you have to see what suits your requirements the most.

Retaining betting customers is something every website must focus on because the cost of retaining a customer is always cheaper than acquiring a new customer. So how does one go about retaining customers and acquiring new customers on a betting platform or website? The solution is additional features, services and functionality. These additional options and services will give your customers something more.

Features and Functionality

Fact: Only about 1% of sports betting websites have an app.

  1. Mobile App - The remaining majority (99%) still operate on website only as customers seek to have the option of making bets on their app. Apps also enable your customers to view live scores, odds, match updates, in-play bets, etc. There will be times when a person would want to make a bet, but wouldn’t be near his or her laptop. A mobile application works perfectly then too.

  2. A Blog - A blog does add functionality on your website in the sense that it serves as a source of information and it also drives web visitors to your website. All you need to do is add a blog to your website and keep it updated with relevant content. Use keywords, etc. A contentmart with a collection of curated content can be purchased and uploaded on your website. You can also automate when a post gets published, etc.

  3. Management Systems - Management systems automate your website to be more functional and helps improve user experience. Management systems here are content management systems and promotion management systems. From banners to promotion images and content, these systems have it all and can make your job easier.

  4. News Modules - News modules serve in adding additional functionality to your website. It can also be used in your app, if you have one or decide to have one.

  5. Promotion Collateral - Promotion collateral includes choosing a banner, etting promotion dates and campaigns, promo codes, affiliate programs (optional), promotion via email and text, etc.

How Can You Get These Features On Your Website?
Cappertech offers a sports tipping marketplace through a white label software that you can use to unleash the potential of your website. Although additional functionality, services and features may not earn you income in the short-run, it will help you retain old customers, reduce acquisition costs and acquire new customers in the process. Some other features include tipsters, affiliate pro, automatic payout systems, tailored and customized offerings, mobile applications, etc. Contact CapperTech to know more.
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