How To Bet Profitably This Premier League Season (2018-2019)

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January 05,2019

How To Bet Profitably This Premier League Season (2018-2019)

By Asher K

With the 27th Premier League just around the corner, what better way for any fan of the game to earn some extra cash other than a simple gamble? If done correctly, you’ll come to find that the world of betting runs on more than just luck. There are several strategies one can adopt to increase their odds of success. Here are some tips that you can embrace to make sure you made the right decision.

  •    Keep an open mind

One of the best ways to rake in the profits is to go in with an open mind. It is vital not to let personal biases or favoritism get in the form of strategic thinking. Use logic, analysis and critical thinking to make your decisions, and do not let your preferences taint your judgment.

  •    Do your research

Another way to increase your chances of winning is to dig into all the little details of the competing teams. Everything from the form of the players to injuries, past performances, playing conditions, and so on, are all integral to predict potential performances. Doing your research would help you weigh your chances and find your best possible option. It is also beneficial to acquaint yourself with general statistics.

For example, taking into consideration the English Premier League, if a team lead 2-1 by halftime, there is a 75% chance that they will win.

  •    Start small

It’s important to know your limits, and not to go overboard. As a beginner, it’s advisable to start small. Place smaller bets until you familiarize yourself with the system and hone your methods. Until then, it’s safer to bet smaller amounts of money multiple times, rather than all at once. Also, make sure that you have sufficient funds to start with. Bet only what you can afford to lose so that a defeat wouldn’t set you back too much.

  •    Keep a record

Keeping a record of all your wins and losses gives you an impression of your overall performance. It is an efficient technique to help you see patterns that you might have otherwise missed, when and where you went wrong, and how to avoid those mistakes in the future.

  •    Choose the right medium

There are some different ways for you to place your bets on your favorite club this season, from your local bar to the internet. For example, there are several, legal online platforms that you can choose from. Take your time to find the right fit for you, and try to pick one that has the highest betting odds and charges a relatively low commission.

Football can be unpredictable, and the odds aren’t always in your favor. Fan favorites might not make it as far as some might have thought, the events of the recent world cup proves this. This makes betting difficult, but also very entertaining. Take risks and keep at it, and your efforts are bound to pay off.

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