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January 18,2019

The Betting Tips Market Overview

By JC Lim

Sports betting is a huge business, and it is something that will continue to grow over the next few years. When you are placing a sports bet, you are predicting what the outcome will be in a particular sporting event, and setting a wager on your prediction to happen.

The sports betting market around the world are enormous, with both regulated and unregulated bookmakers taking many different wagers off people each day. It is estimated that the entire sports betting market are worth up to $3 trillion. When you break that down, around 65% of the market is spent on football betting, which is by far the most popular sport to bet on.

It will come as no surprise to you to read that the Asian market is the biggest when it comes to sports gambling, and those markets are the driving force behind many things. Up to $1 billion can be gambled on a single game of football and with many games taking place from all over the world every single day. This suddenly becomes a huge global business.

The global football betting market yield in 2017 currently stands at an impressive $80 billion, showing just how colossal football betting is. While the games themselves are critical, and the players are sometimes paid a lot of money, even though this might seem like little in comparison with the amount of money wagered on each game and the potential winnings or losses for bookmakers.

One of the biggest reasons we have seen such an increase in gambling over the past few years has been due to the emergence and improvements made when it comes to mobile betting.

People can now place any bet they want to while they are on the move, and the majority of bookmakers accepts bets from a mobile device, either through their mobile app or mobile internet site.


How big is BIG, this sports market?

Being able to place a bet from anywhere you want to has increased the average the average mobile gambling spend per adult in the EU to $17 per person. This figure was just over one euro in 2010, which shows just how rapidly this area has grown.

Here is a roundup of those figures, to show just how impressive they are:

  • Sports betting market worth $3 trillion
  • Up to $1 billion can be gambled on a single game of football
  • Global football betting market yield in 2017 an impressive $80 billion
  • Average mobile gaming spend per adult in the EU is $17 per person


Mobile Gaming on the Rise

The rise in mobile gambling is also noticeable when you look at the gross gambling yield from the mobile device betting market. This is expected to generate a share of close to 44% by 2018 and represents around 5% of total gambling.

The 44% share is up from just 18% in 2012 and is driven by device capability; it is the improvement in the devices we have that has given gamblers the ability to gamble anywhere they like.

Betting is mostly illegal in the Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian markets, and it is here where the majority of unregulated bookmakers is found. In China, where it has been known for up to one billion euros to be gambled on one football match alone, the number of illegal bets is enormous. The estimate is that the ratio of fair bets to unlawful bets in China currently stands at 1:10.


A Huge Rise in Gambling Across the Decade

Gambling as a whole is set for a rapid rise this year, with the full gambling market, including sports betting, poker, casino, lotteries, gaming machines and bingo set to increase hugely. The figures below show just how dramatic the rise is.

  • Gambling market worth $363 billion in 2007
  • Expected to be worth $533 billion by the end of 2017
  • An increase of 47% in the last ten years


Betting Tips Also on the Rise

With the number of punters increasing and the amount spent per punter also increasing, a lot of people are looking to find the best betting tips they can buy, to ensure they make a profit.

People are placing more sports bets, and also putting more money on the chances they are having, so it makes sense for them to invest in betting tips to give them a helping hand.

Nearly every punter wants to find betting tips, with everything from horse racing, to football, and many other sports all covered. Numerous sites offer betting tips, some offer them for free, while others require people to sign up for a period and they receive all the tips during that period.

The betting tips market is growing almost as quickly as the sports betting market and just a quick google search will give you many options where you either can view free betting tips or paid betting tips. Since 2011, many more people are searching google for the terms ‘betting tips’ and ‘football betting tips’ and this is only set to continue as more and more money is spent.


How to Find the Best Betting Tips

It is essential that you choose the right betting tips to provide for what you need, and there are many things you need to consider when making this decision. Whether you are an experienced gambler already, or you are a beginner just getting started, it is still tough to distinguish between a reliable provider and a potential scam.

To help you choose the right betting tips provider, make sure you check out the authenticity of their picks and select someone with an archive of at least one year for you to look back on. You should also note that the proper tipsters would not always stick to the big games from the big leagues.

The best tipsters will have a broad knowledge of many leagues, and these smaller leagues can be just as profitable as the big ones. Consider this when you are choosing your tipster, and be prepared to receive tips from some different football leagues.

Reliable betting tip websites will often offer something else to give you extra value for them. This may be ways to enhance your knowledge, like betting guides and manuals, or simply additional betting help, looking at the terminology used and how to interpret the odds on offer.

The final thing to do if you are still unsure is to ask simply. You should be able to get in touch with the website you are looking at, and if you have a question then don’t be afraid to ask them.

Any decent tipster should get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, and they will also answer any questions that you may have, in the hope of convincing you that their website is the right choice. If they take the time to explain to you, and they give you a proper answer that you are happy with then this is also a good sign that they are going to offer competent tips.

There are many big players in the betting tips market, and these are usually a right place to start if you are looking for your first betting tips. These big players already have an excellent following, and many people will log on to the websites each day in search of betting tips for the upcoming events that they are interested in.

The most popular betting tips providers have thousands of people registered with them, all looking for the latest advice and tips when it comes to sports betting. Places like,, and are just three places where many people visit. These websites all have many football tips, but they cover a huge range of sports, so if you are looking for variety they will certainly cover you.

These websites all cover the advice points from above, including having an archive for you to look back and check out past tips before you start following. This is the most important; it is vital that you see proof of tips to back up the claims made about profit and these websites let you do that. You will also notice that they all offer various other betting tools to help you with your sports betting, they are not merely about tips and nothing else.


In Conclusion

The betting tips market is continuing to grow in line with the sports betting market. As more and more people bet on sports, they are looking for ways to help them, and that is where betting tips come into it. These betting tips offer people help with their sports betting, and if you can find a reliable, consistent tipster, then you will see an increase in your betting profit.

The other reason that the betting tips market is increasing so much is due to the amount of sports betting opportunities available. Even if you bet on just football and no other sports, there are many games each day to bet on, and you can’t be expected to know them all.

Using sports betting tips to help you with the games you don’t know, will give you the upper hand in placing more bets, thanks to a combination of your selections and the betting tips you receive. This increased betting should make you more profitable as a punter thanks to a combination of sports betting tips and your knowledge.


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