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March 03,2019

Football Betting Guide For Amateurs

By Asher K

CapperTech Football Betting Guide For Amateurs

An experienced punter will tell you that football betting is a lot more than just chance, it takes skill and strategy as well. If you’re relatively new to the playing field and want to make it big, follow these steps:

  1. Do your homework

    Before you place your bets, make sure that you know everything that there is to do with the game and the two competing teams. Formations, weather conditions, injuries, past encounters, and present form are all factors that can affect an outcome.

There are also several types of best for you to choose from, some being riskier than the rest. Three way/1X2 betting, and in play betting, over/under betting and double chance are the most popular and are also easy to grasp.

  1. Set aside some money

    Setting aside a reasonable amount of money for your football betting endeavors is a good way to make sure that the expenses of your hobby doesn’t bleed into other areas of your life, maybe even set up a separate bank account if you see yourself seriously pursuing football betting in the future.
  1. Understand odds and probabilities

    Bookies offer a wide range of odd, and understanding them is integral. The type of odd offered is different in each type of bet, but essentially, they tell you how likely it is that an event will take place, and also how much money you can potentially make. For example, the odds are 2.50 in favor of Manchester City, and you bet a $100, you’ll walk away with $150 winning.

Odds are also calculated in fractions. If the odds are 3/1 for Chelsea, there is a 25% probability of them winning.

  1. Register with multiple bookies

    Don’t stick with just one bookmaker, shop around to find your best fit. Different Bookies offer different incentives, bonuses, odds and types of bets at different times. Spreading out your money over different bookmaker ensures that you have the best odds.
  1. Use strategy

    Avoid personal biases at all costs, don’t bet on the team that you want to win, but the one that has the highest probability of winning. Be strategic and calculating, not emotional and impulsive
  2. Start small

    An important note to all armature punters is not to put all your eggs into one basket. Don’t spend large chunks of your money at once with hopes of large returns. Place lower bets, slowly increasing them as you gain experience. It also helps to start with smaller leagues, just for practice, before moving on to the likes of EPL or the Champions League.
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