The Top 5 Football Tipsters To Follow In 2018-2019

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March 17,2019

The Top Five Football Tipsters To Follow In 2018-2019

By Asher K

The Top 5 Football Tipsters To Follow In 2018-2019

If you’ve been a football punter for a while now, you’ll know that there is so much more to making a successful bet than just random choice and luck. It takes a level of skill and detailed analysis to know which team has the best odds of winning.

You need to accumulate all the possible information about the game, the probabilities, the likely outcome, etc. to increase the chances of you making a profit.

One way you can go about doing just that is by following a reliable tipster. A tipster, as the name suggests, is an individual who gives tips, especially about the potential outcome or winner of a match. Some of them are experts at what they do and finding one that provides trustworthy tips can be very lucrative for you. Here are some of the best football tipsters in.

Football Tipster Christian Parrott

Christian Parrott of the SoccerTipsters Marketplace is probably one of the biggest names in football betting and is considered to be one of the best football tipsters in the market. He is an expert analysis and has years of experience under his belt.

Football Tipster Luke Swift

Luke Swift is another infamous tipster, who is in regular at SportsTrade betting tips marketplace, where he has quite the following. Luke Swift mostly offers advice on placing value bets, but he also dabbles in football and offers his two cents on the bigger leagues. SportsTrade football tipsters have been very popular, and some punters find them to be very reliable, and they can great for spotting value bets.

Footy Accumulators / @FootyAccums

With almost 600k followers, Footy Accumulators is one of the biggest twitter football tipsters around. The offer tips on some football leagues. They’re known to be accurate, and they have a strong community spirit. Additionally, they have a website of their own, where they publish extra information.

Football Tipster Leah Coppleson

Unlike most football tipsters, Leah Coppleson do not limit his tips to just the big football leagues. He offer expert advice on the big leagues as lesser-known tournaments and have the reputation of being transparent with their profits and losses, and trustworthy.

InPlay Man / @inplayman

InPlay Man’s twitter bio is “Top notch bets and top-notch banter. The winning and sarcasm are endless!” which essentially sums him up. Like his name would suggest, he offers in play betting tips. According to his blog, he’s been in the betting industry for more than ten years and takes on a no-nonsense approach to his craft.

Build your own betting tips marketplace and start recruiting professional soccer tipsters.

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