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March 23,2019

How To Get More Betting Customers Online?

By Asher K

Learn How To Get More Betting Customers Online

So your betting website isn’t getting as much traffic as you expected it to. That’s completely understandable because it’s always hard to build an audience with industry as niche as gambling, but if managed correctly, it can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor.

Search Engine Optimization

There is a reason why some pages show up higher than others on the Google search results. Less than 5% of Google users visit page 2 of their search results, so making sure your site is search engine friendly is probably your best bet at increasing traffic. Research and use popular, relevant keywords in your URL, description, tags, content, etc.

Get rid of dead links, and use pictures and videos as the functionality of your site and user experience is also important, as it has quite an impact on SEO. Site speed is also a criterion for search rankings. The faster your site is, and the seamless your user experience, the higher you will be ranked on Google.

Another SEO tip that would boost your traffic is mobile optimization. Google prefers websites that are mobile friendly and with more and more people accessing the internet via handheld devices, it makes complete sense to do so. Keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, maybe even sign up to Google’s Search Console. Prioritize SEO, because doing otherwise will hurt your ranking.

Targeted marketing and advertising

The outright best way to build an audience for your betting website is by honing in on those people that you know are already into, and this is where targeted marketing comes into play. Find those individuals who you know are already involved in betting, or have a proclivity for it, and advertise your site to them.

Another efficient way to target your audience is through affiliate marketing. Affiliates are essentially third-party groups/individuals that will promote your site for you. It is more cost effective than conventional advertising, as you only need to pay your affiliates based on the traffic they bring to your website. Email and SMS marketing is another practical way of targeting your audience.

Social Media

Social Media can be a great way to promote your betting website, not to mention it’s free. It not only allows you to stay in touch with your present customers but to reach out to new potential ones as well. Post frequently and use appropriate hashtags, and you can you can broaden your reach far beyond your current network and get discovered by other users who may be interested in similar services.


Rewards are a great way to not only keep customers but also attract new ones. One that brings them in is a good sign up the offer. The promise of exciting perks for new registered users, like bonuses, rebates, free bets, and so forth, are bound to increase the likelihood of them betting with you. Referrals are also an excellent way to bring in traffic. This way works when an existing user brings in new users, which results in a reward for both.

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