Highest Search Football Betting Keywords in 2018 – 2019

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April 29,2019

Top Football Betting Keywords In Search 2018 – 2019

By Asher K

Highest Search Football Betting Keywords in 2018 – 2019

Using relevant keywords in your site’s content is essential to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using the right ones can dramatically change where you rank on Google’s search results when someone looks up relevant content. The keywords you use can determine whether you end up the 1st page of the search engine’s search results or the 10th. Here are some you should use.

Leagues and tournaments

Always capitalize on the biggest leagues or tournaments that are currently taking place. Major football leagues are incredibly popular, and they have an international reach, so a large number of individuals are bound to be looking them up to stay updated.

Therefore, using head-term keywords (that consist of two or three words) like Champions League, La Liga, and Premier League, will be beneficial. They’re immensely popular searched terms, especially around high stakes matches.
But popularity comes with a price. Big leagues are common google searches, so with it comes lots of competition, making it harder to get ranked. Lower divisions, like 2. Bundesliga or EFL Championship also have a wide viewership and have the potential to draw traffic, and have lower competition.

Teams and their key players

With everyone Googling their national team and their favorite club to gauge how they’re performing, famous teams, - Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Juventus, as well as their players make for great keywords.

People are always curious about current fixtures, injuries, formations, and similar terms are good keywords. Timing is important. Football teams and players will still be relevant, but searches surge just before a match and after a game. The names of players that perform well, as well as the position they play in, can be used as keywords as well.

Betting terminology

The number of people who bet on football matches is growing every day. Punters are always on the lookout for an analysis of upcoming matches so that they can collect all the information they need to make a profitable wager.

In that case, keywords like odds, predictions, outcomes, football tips app and football betting tips, bet online will be efficient, clubbed with the participating teams, and the occurring event. For additional keywords, one can also specify the type of bet they’re providing odds for, like Asian Handicap or Over or Under.

This gives you room for long-tail keywords, (have more than 3 phrases) as well as transactional keywords (indicates a desire to complete an action, eg- place football betting online and professional football tips) which are more effective when it comes to ranking. Since people bet on everything from match results and relegations and transfers, this market has heaps of potential.

Fantasy football

Fantasy football is a game, where individuals build a team of virtual or imaginary football players and earn points based on the performance and stats of their picks in real life. Although the concept emerged almost half a century ago, it is still going strong and is largely played on an online platform.

Keywords such as Fantasy football, fantasy football tips, best fantasy football picks, top fantasy football strikers, Fantasy Premier League, How to earn points in fantasy football betting, and similar phrases, will bring in traffic because fantasy football is quite high in popularity, but relatively low in competition.

It is difficult to make a list of the best keywords you can use, given how quickly trends change.

But it is integral that you make them relevant to the times, algorithms and your content.

Try to avoid single word keywords, as that will result in you getting lost in the sea of competition, and maybe even invest in a keyword analysis tool, so that you can pick the best ones for your content based on current statistics.

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