Importance Of Statistics And Sources When Betting On Soccer?

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May 11,2019

How Important Are Statistics And Sources When Betting On Soccer?

By Asher K

Importance Of Statistics And Sources When Betting On Soccer?

If you want to be serious about betting on soccer, it's wiser to do your extensive research before you place your bets with a bookmaker. It's highly accurate that chance and luck play a big role in the world of betting but one rule you must follow when making a wager is that you shouldn't place your bets based on a mere whim. Most punters would tell you to never bet with your heart and to use your head. Staking all your money on your favorite team, rather than the team that is most likely to win is the biggest rookie mistake you can make, and can potentially cost you dearly.

Betting on soccer involves plenty of strategies as well. Detaching yourself from your own biases, and making educated choices based on prior research, is the key factor in making a profit. This is where statistics and sources come into the picture.


There are plenty of sources floating around on the internet that offer punters advice on some things - from soccer tips and odds to strategies, related to betting. Whether you're a novice or an expert bettor, due to the nature of betting, there is always something new for you to learn.

Sports tipping websites, for example, are trendy among sports bettors. A betting tipster is usually a seasoned expert when it comes to the game they're offering tips on. They essentially do their extensive research and give users tips - odds, predictions and possible outcomes of an upcoming match, generally for a small fee. A betting tipster's main objective is to help you beat the bookie, and they're a great way for you to spot value bets.

One drawback that you may encounter when dealing with tipsters is reliability. Finding a good and the best tipster who is also consistent is tough. As some of you may or may not know, Twitter tipsters have grown in popularity over the past few years.

They provide tips, absolutely free of cost, on many different competitions and leagues. Some of them, however, are slowly falling out of favor. If you're familiar with them, you'd know that most Twitter tipsters are tied to major bookmakers through affiliate links.

This is how they make their money, by sending over traffic to an online sportsbook. A report by Vice, claims that some of these Twitter tipster tips might purposefully be setting you up to fail, as they profit from losing bets.

All they care about is that you register with a bookmaker through their referral link.

This is why it is integral to have a good source you can trust. It's even advisable to have multiple sources so that you can compare the odds, and make the best decision possible. But it doesn't just tips you should base your decision on. You need to take into consideration statistics too, and of course, you'll need a concrete source for that all well.


If you want to stay ahead of the game, taking a look at stats can prove to be very helpful. Head to head statistics can be a clear indicator as to who will emerge victoriously. The players or teams involved have most likely met in similar situations before, and taking into consideration their performance during, and the results of their last meeting with each other will give you a fair idea of the possible outcome of their next game.

You must take into consideration the recent form of the players involved. For example, if a good team like Real Madrid have a dry spell, it's wise to bet against them if they're playing against another strong team. Line ups also affect the results of a match. Sometimes, a key player will be benched due to an injury, and this could impact the overall performance of the team.

In conclusion, several aspects potentially deter or improve the capability of a team, and all of them should be considered before placing a bet.

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