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Information Security Policy

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Information Security Policy

Information Security Objectives

CapperTech objective of managing information security is to ensure its core and supporting business operations continue to operate with minimal disruptions.
CapperTech shall ensure that all information that is used or stored by CapperTech has absolute integrity and availability. CapperTech shall guarantee that all relevant information is managed and stored with appropriate confidentiality procedures in place

Information Security Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to protect the organization’s information assets from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental.

The CEO of CapperTech has approved this Information Security Management System [ISMS] Policy.

It is the Policy of the organization to ensure that:

ISMS Risks

Information security within CapperTech is managed through the Risk Management Framework.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines not limited to Information Security will be made available in both hardcopy and online format through an intranet system to support the ISMS Policy


It is the responsibility of each member of staff to adhere to the ISMS Policy. All managers are directly responsible for implementing the ISMS Policy within their units, and for adherence by their staff.

The Management Representative is hereby named Mr Manoranjan Rout, as Chief Security Officer and has direct responsibility for designing, planning, implementing and operating the ISMS within CapperTech. He also is involved in writing and/or managing the development of relevant policies, procedures and guidelines not limited to information security

Internal Audit Unit has direct responsibility for verifying the effectiveness of the ISMS Policy.

This ISMS Policy is subject to review when significant changes occur in the organization.

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