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White Label Sports Tipping Marketplace

Set Up Your Sports Tipping Marketplace with Personalized Business Brand & Logo

Recuit your own group if professional tipsters and sell their tips in the marketplace, earn a huge shares for every sale.

Tipsters may register with below categories

(As a marketplace owner you will make 100% of all the tipsters' registration fees on a monthly basis. That;s steady income and revenue for you!)

  • Junior Tipster

    (Free to join and all tips will be listed at ZERO cost)

  • Senior Tipster

    ($50 / month and tips pricing can be set from $1 to $99 + commission of 20%)

  • Premium Tipster

    (Exclusive by invitation only, tips pricing are set from $100 to $999 + commission of 50%)

  • Bundle Tipster

    ($75 / month and subscription based model with a pricing of credits and 30 credits + commission of 25%)

Automatic payout system

Sales cut off on the last day of every month.

All tipster commission payout is set to net 30.

Registered tipsters are given access to our exclusively selected, daily tips with real time data feed, sourced from three major sports books that cover all of the following types of betting system:

Asian Handicap full Time & half Time Fixed Odd full time & half time Total Goals full time & half time

All results and the statistical performance of our tipsters' profile are automatically updated after a game has ended.

Responsive Front-End With Full Control

control your platform's front end and optimize your users' experience without compromising the creative and business side of freedom.

We offer a fully responsive WEB API-based front-end that you can use to build pages, using only JavaScript and HTML. It's that simple, minus the hassle and headaches.

Advanced Content Management System

Take advantage of out high-level customization feature to manage your marketplace and website differently for other targeted markets.

using our Content Management System (CMS), you'll get a big picture of you front-end too, allowing emphasis on quality creation. Our options will also enable you to go into details by customizing your page at the Homepage, About Us and even Blog.

Tailored Offering

We assist our Partners in implementing new sports and betting system, and our betting module can be tailored specifically to meet the expectations of a targeted market.

One of the key advantages of our services that stand out is our short turnaround time to market a requested feature, thus allowing us to extend our offer on a monthly basis, regardless of the existing features. Furthermore, we will soon have the technical ability to add new markets without any additional development.

Promotion Management System

Choose over 100 perset promotions to implement into your marketplace. All promotions come with a set of descriptions and banners, designed by our team of designers.

We also added groups of optimized, promotional contents based on the popularity and recent marketing research. Our real users feedback also helped greatly in determining which is the most attractive promotions amongst consumers and tipping marketplace.

Review and Select Your Most Desired Promotion Collateral

  • Choose your fancied banner

  • Select the date validation of your promotion

  • The promotion and promo code is now activated and will appear in your marletplace promotional page

  • Decide if you want to activate your affiliate program for this specific promotion

  • With one single click, send this promotion via email and SMS to all your registered members and/or newsletter subscribers as well as post it to all your social media accounts

Soccer News Module

Daily news source from 8-15 global, top soccer news website such as:


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